Business Protection

Employee Benefits

The loss of a key employee / director can be detrimental to a business if not properly protected.

By investing in business protection, you can get things up and running again in no time. Safeguard your business, partners and employees alike.

Receive great tax breaks, and offset your premiums against your profit as a business expense. This can save you valuable corporation tax.

Business protection can be a real asset to your company, benefitting the employees as well as presenting you as a conscientious employer.

Relevant life cover

Look after your employees. This cover is a tax-efficient way to offer your employees and their families a death in service benefit. 

Their family will receive a payout to help cover funeral costs and ease financial pressures after the loss of their loved one. This service may even help you attract new employees.

Key person insurance

What if you lost the most valuable employee in your team or a business owner? You might find this hinders your business. It could even lead to loss of revenue and key relationship breakdown within your company.. 

This type of cover can protect the unthinkable, whilst ensuring that the business can continue running. Lastly, the financial support can assist with recruitment and training of new key staff.

Business debt cover

If the business loses a shareholder, director or partner it would often be the case that any loans guaranteed by them must be repaid.

If they have any outstanding debts, this cover can help towards repaying these.

This cover can be offered as life and/or critical illness cover.

Employee benefits

Our specialist plans can help substitute the income of employees, provide lump sums and offer other support items such as rehabilitation and legal advice.

In addition to the standard cover, these can also include many extra freebies and rewards such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Eating out discounts
  • Active rewards
  • Entertainment discounts
  • Discounted gym memberships 

Not only will you be looking after your employees, you will offer a great place to work for new staff.

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    Questions about business protection?

    Lendese have hundreds of policy solutions. With our expert advice and guidance on which type of protection is right for you, we can make sure you every angle is covered.


    If the worst happens and you lose a managing director or another key player in your team, you need to be covered. Access funds to help cover salaries and the cost of employing temporary staff.

    This depends entirely on the level of cover you require, the size of your business and the amount of people you wish to cover.

    Drop in for a chat and we can help determine the best cover for you.

    The only type that is mandatory employers’ liability insurance. This covers you as the employer if one of your staff members suffers an injury whilst at work.

    Whilst this is a vital policy for you and your staff, being able to offer additional cover not only protects you as a business but also shows that you care.

    Providers will not look to provide cover or pay outs after the event if policies were not in place prior. Too many times people are left looking back after the event wishing they’d have acted before. This is why it’s so important to plan ahead and get appropriate policies in place.