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Joint Venture (JV) Projects

Have you ever considered property a good investment?

Dreamed of being part of a Grand Design, but lack some of the experience needed to take the leap?

Fancy Property Development as a side hustle, with the support of experienced industry professionals?

Do you have surplus capital in your business which could make you excellent returns?

Landese offer fully managaed projects with flexible and secured investments available between £25k and £5m.

How does it work?

You can invest as much or as little as you like to become a partner in a tailored property development project in the UK.

Typical investments range from £25,000 to £5,000,000.

You will have a choice of development project, or can even be involved in the sourcing process to align with your aspirations. 


  • Refurbishment Projects
  • Conversion Projects 
  • Newbuild Development Projects
  • Land Source / Flip 
  • Outline Planning / Subject to Planning Deals 
  • Option Agreements 
  • Conditional Contracts
  • Brownfield Acquisition
  • Commercial Developments

Investment Options

Invest funds at pre determined interest rate.

Invest for a pre determined lump sum return.

Invest funds for a profit share on the project. 

Invest in a full Joint Venture.


Most investments will be fully secured, and therefore will retain a hold over the property or project in question. 

This will be by the way of a First Legal Charge, Second Charge, or even full ownership by the Joint Venture investor. 

These parameters will be clearly laid out dependent upon investment amount and specific project.

Minimum return guarantee available. 

Returns (ROI)

A typical minimum return for a straight interest deal would be circa 10% per annum. Outperforming the average stock market return. 

A profit share deal could see you make a 25-50% return on your money in 12 months.

A full joint venture could generate 100% ROI in 1 year and see you double your investment.

Minimum return guarantee available.


We would expect you to partake in a minimum of quarterly meetings (can be by zoom) to understand the investment, keep you updated on the project and progress of your investment.

We do however welcome joint venture holders to attend as many site visits, office consultations and have as little or as much input as they like. 

Its great to educate investors on the whys and wherefores of all things property, and invite you to feel part of the project team.

Lending / Funding

Dependent on the level of investment, it may be that the project can be cash funded. 

Where the deal is not wholly cash funded, Landese will fully manage any lending requirements, and these will be fully presented within the investment prospectus for each deal.

We have access to the whole market in terms of lending facilities and this will always be accounted for in any investment offering. 


We have significant experience within the construction industry having delivered many multi million pound GDV sites, either within our own construction / development businesses or using trusted third party contractors.

Whatever the project, the construction element will be covered by a fully binding JCT Construction Contract with predetermined terms and costs.

Landese will manage the design phase using trusted professional partners such as architects / planning consultants, structural engineers, energy assessors and all elements pre build.


A simple consultation will walk you through all elements of our process and the opportunities on offer.

We are able to provide an investment pack for each deal, highlighting the figures, designs, timescales and returns on offer.

You will be kept in the loop every step of the way…

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