Self Employed

With our whole of market offering, we have access to specialist lenders and flexible criteria.

Whether you are looking for your first property, moving house, or just remortgaging your existing home, our team can cater for your individual needs.

Your unique employment means your business accounts resemble a Rubik’s cube but don’t worry, we have seen it all before. You will never fit into a normal high street lenders tick box exercise…

We will push a square peg into a round hole and navigate the minefield for you, and think outside of the box to get the job done.

Self Employed

We have lots of options which will let you pool income sources in order to increase borrowing power.

Fluctuating net profit, salary and dividends can be a killer, but we work with you and your accountant to plan ahead and get it right for the end goal. 

Latest Year

We can consider latest year figures only if you have had a growth spurt or you’ve recently started a new venture. Its usual for early years to show a loss or low income, so we look to lending institutions who will take a view and understand your plans.


So its been a tough run, but the prospects and future of the business are looking good. Lets get this down on paper with a solid plan to offer some back up. We will always work with your accountant to produce what we need.

Net Profit

Maybe you have a massive directors loan to clear so you haven’t taken any salary or dividends for yonks… That’s fine, we have a few options which will purely work on net profit of the business. 

Adverse Credit

Have you gone all guns blazing into business, made a great success of it but let your personal credit score and commitments take a battering in the process. We understand, and we have loads of specialist lenders that can help whether your harbouring arrears, defaults, CCJ or even discharged bankruptcy. 

Joint Borrower / Sole Proprietor 

We can now add joint borrowers onto your mortgage to increase affordability, without adding them to the deeds of the property. This is great if they already own a property so you don’t get collared with extortionate stamp duty!

This can then work easily for friends / relatives to assist without adding to their property / tax liabilities.

Additional Security / Property In Background

If on the face of it the business isnt quite where it needs to be, but you have existing property or assets in the background available for security. Or even family properties with loads of equity in, we can use these too. 

Alternative Employment

If all else fails, then your entrepreneurial flair will no doubt make you a great catch. We can always consider an additional / alternative employment or and additional income source to get us where we need to be.

Secured Loan / Bridging (1st or 2nd Charge)

Rather than a mortgage, we can consider secured loans as a stop gap for purchasing, borrowing more money or refinancing debt. These are specialist lenders who offer way more flexibility than typical mortgage providers. 

Self Build

Its the ultimate dream to build your own Grand Design… Well its a lot easier than you think with self build finance, and it may actually cost less and offer more flexibility and build in some profit. Lower deposit, lower stamp duty and lower payments. Also use business funds during the project and make for an easier refinance when its complete. 

There’s more than one way to house an entrepreneur…

In addition to all of the above, there are loads of other ways we can achieve the end goal. With some tailor made solutions, tenacious brainstorming and everyone working together, we will find the path of least resistance to make your property dream a reality. 


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